For interior designers and architects, it is crucial to have a website worthy of their talent and skill. A mediocre website creates the impression of service of a similar kind – and this is not what a designer’s business needs.

In our previous publications, we talked about benefits of having genuine, award-winning websites for interior designers, and the criteria of such sites. Today, let me list my personal top chart of interior design and architecture studios’ digital domains. Perfect examples of how your website should look – right ahead.

10. CASE 3D

A nice animated portray of sketches becoming actual interiors. Traditional menus approach is combined with scrolling navigation. The blog features extensive case studies for all completed works.

Why 10th place: aside from the interesting main page “drawing vs reality” solution, all other sections are quite boring and straightforward.


An interesting concept of image unification – an Instagram-like “vintage” filter. This further underlines the studio’s architectural style in their showcase of works. The animation sequence of pages in also quite unusual.

Why 9th place: the site catches the eye with a title page “block” animation, but all further navigation is rather static.

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